Friday, June 16, 2017

The Texas Blue Jay Project Launch! by Sebastian Casarez

On June 13, 2017, I launched The Texas Blue Jay Project and I am happy to annouce we have 45 new Texas birders that pledged to explore birding (birdwatching) in their backyards, city & state parks! That is AWESOME! We need to keep the momentum going...We still need 955 Texans to take the The Texas Blue Jay Project Pledge! My goal is to reach 1,000 Texans throughout the Great State of Texas that will pledge to explore birding. Please spread the word about The Texas Blue Jay Project Pledge. 

If you are interested in taking the The Texas Blue Jay Project Pledge here are ways to Pledge:

1. You can email me at with the below information provided: 
-.First name and First letter of your last name
 -The name of the Texas city you live in
-Finally, the Date you Pledge to Explore Birding(birdwatching) at your backyard, city & state parks

2. You can attend one of my bird presentation talks or bird walks to sign The Texas Blue Jay Project Pledge. I will post upcoming events on Twitter : texasbluejayproject@TXBLUJayProject

3. You can post on Twitter a photo of you birding in your backyard, city or state park  @TXBLUJayProject

4. You can post a comment on The Texas Blue Jay Project Blog with the same info from Step 1.

5. Any Texan can sign The Texas Blue Jay Project Pledge! If you have a child or you are under the age of 18 years old ALL I ASK FOR IS THEIR FIRST NAME ONLY PLUS THE CITY IN TEXAS YOU ALL LIVE IN AND DATE OF PLEDGE. Thank you!

Once I reach 1,000 signature pledges I plan to visit with local cities park and recreation departments and Texas State Parks to show them Texans do LOVE and support birds and birding(birdwatching) in Texas. I prepared several proposals to present to them on ways how they can increase birding programs for kids and adults in ALL city parks and state parks in Texas.
Keep checking The Texas Blue Jay Project Blog for the progress of The Texas Blue Jay Project Pledge. I will also post about birding tips on where to bird in Texas, birding ID tips, ways to protect Birds Habitats, Bird of the Month, Birding events and birding festivals in Texas, and many birding related topics.


Happy Birding,
Sebastian Casarez
The Texas Blue Jay Project 

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